About WOBC

The Women Owned Business Club (WOBC) is a women owned business and social networking organization, created due to the need of cost effective advertising and promotional services. The Women Owned Business Club has evolved into an online social media platform designed for women owned businesses and women in business. At WOBC members receive services that are necessary in helping them brand their business.

“It only takes a little effort to make a big change."

At the WOBC we want to give you a huge amount of services for a small cost.

Our mission is to empower women daily by offering affordable services to help them promote their businesses, websites, books, blogs, products or services through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as connecting to us, connecting them to each other while supporting and encouraging one another.

When you join WOBC and become a member, you receive promotional posts about your business to our WOBC Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. You also have the opportunity to be the spotlight of the month where we write an article about you and your company as well as an opportunity to write for the WOBC Magazine; a highly popular business, career and lifestyle online magazine. This magazine was created as an additional platform for our WOBC members to showcase their businesses, services and products through their words in the form of articles.

To learn more about what we do go to: www.womenownedbusinessclub.com/member-benefits.html

For memberships & to join please go to: www.womenownedbusinessclub.com/membership.html

We are constantly adding more services to the WOBC so that YOU can be more successful.

Join us today, we are truly dedicated to serving our members!


Lisa Montalva
CEO & Founder
Women Owned Business
Lisa inspires women to take action! Prior to founding Women Owned Business Club, she worked in Human Resources for 22 years. Then in November of 2006, her staffing firm was born - soon after the idea of a job board, "The Job Matchers",was created. Lisa is also an  author of the book and website called, The Gourmet Mom.

Christine Lynch
President & Co-Founder
Women Owned Business Club

Christine has been recognized for her entrepreneurial, management and interpersonal skills. She has 10 years experience in human resources & business management, as well as an extensive background in health & fitness and website design. She also has a website design business, CL Website Design.


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